Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Charlie and Beth are playing "Drop the Peanut." Charlie loves to shell peanuts, but she never really shows much interest in eating them. She loves it when you hand her peanuts though, she drops them and looks at them until you pick them up and hand them back to her, Of course she drops them again as soon as you do.

She is being much more adventurous with what she is choosing to munch on today. Usually she ignores the corn and pellets in her bowl, but they have caught her interest for some reason today.

I am wondering if she will like the way I have changed her cage around. I haven't done much to it, just taken out the ladder, and added the Booda perch high in the cage.

I think that she has become comfortable with the jungle gym. She seems very relaxed on it now. She plays, eats, drinks,


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