Sunday, March 13, 2005

Charlie and I are getting some alone time today. I think this is being a good thing, but it is hard to tell. Before play time today I went up in the attic and got down three tiny FisherPrice strollers for her to play with. I brought all three because I was curious to see if she would show a preference for a particular color, but she seemed to enjoy all of them fairly equally. I showed her how to push them and called them "toy". For now she is content to pick them up and taste them. I think she likes that they have such a convient handle.

I tried to introduce the idea of the towel game. She already seems to be interested in the idea of peek-a-boo when I peek around a wall at her. She wasn't quite so sure when I hid behind the towel. When I just held the towel drapped over my head she was curious and came closer for a better look.

Towards the end of play time I started cleaning her cage, and as I cleaned and dried each item I set them on the table. She loved this! She climbed right down on the table and investigated everything. She picked up perches, and food bowls, and the rotation toys that I was going to put in the cage for this week.


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