Friday, March 04, 2005

It is playtime so Charlie is out of her cage for a bit. She is appearing more relaxed and curious today. I have Corelli Concerto no. 8 in G minor playing softly. She seems to like it, and keeps tilting as if she is listening or thinking about things.

She is currently tearing a peanut shell apart. She never seems to have much interest in the peanut itself, but she sure has fun chewing up the shell. She is having fun playing with her little lifting toy too.

William is proving to be quite facinating at the moment. He is working on his book list chain. It is made out of paper strips and Charlie keeps leaning forward toward him as far as she can with her head cocked watching him.

She is playing non stop now. She is climbing all over her jungle gym to get to her toys. She even pulled the chew toy up that has the bell on the end and talked softly into the bell for a bit.

We just put some more peanuts and hot peppers in her blue toy/treat dispenser, and she is having a great time tearing them up. (She just climbed down and is walking around on the table!!!! She went over to Beth's spelling book, looked at it, and then went back to her gym.) She has gotten very brave and even went over to her food bowl for the first time (at the jungle gym). I wonder if the music is what has made the difference? And, she has now discovered the water dish. I should think after all those peppers she would want some!


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