Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The last couple of days have been rough for Charlie, in terms of disappointment and disruption and similar terms of annoyance. For example, we can see that she wants to bathe, but her only water source is her water dish. As soon as we notice her behaviour we give her a casserole dish with a little water in it, but she doesn't connect that with the idea of bathing.

If we leave the dish in there for long periods of time, there comes a moments when the water becomes unclean. So we've rearranged her perches to create a spot where there's no perch overhanging this dish, so that we can leave it in for long periods of time without the water becoming soiled. We also placed her water dish in this pan.

However, we haven't got it right yet: it's not arranged to her satisfaction. This morning when I lifted the cover from her cage Charlie was perched on the top step of her ladder. It looked to me like she probably slept there. So this morning she's shuffling back and forth in an agitated fashion. And she clearly wants her water dish back in its usual holder.


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