Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Charlie refined a new behaviour today: he has begun to recognize my finger as a good place to land. So far this has not extended to the other family members. Several times this evening he flew to my finger, and I think he's beginning to associate a standard wolf-whistle as an invitation to come.

It would appear that Soleil has had a significant impact on Charlie's behaviour and expectations. He cannot have failed to notice the time and attention that she gets, and the fact that she climbs all over our hands, arms and shoulders. Charlie is suddenly showing a significant interest in landing on our heads and shoulders, and is willing to accept the outstretched finger as a substitute landing perch.

He still has an anti-social interest in ears, however, and is still trying to peck or bite us. So when he lands on our shoulders, he generally sees only the back of our heads.

Overall, these seem like encouraging developments. Charlie obviously wants our attention, and he's beginning to find acceptable ways to obtain it.


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